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Richard Skorman


Over the years, Skorman has been a downtown innovator—Poor Richard’s was the first place to grind its own coffee beans and serve espresso.

Skorman has had a lifelong passion for film, and in the 1980s, he converted a back room at the restaurant into a movie theater. At one point, Skorman sold the business to his employees when he moved to New York to write a book on films. He met Patricia Seator there, and she joined him in Colorado Springs in 1990 after Skorman moved back to Colorado Springs. They were married a few years later.

Skorman bought the restaurant back in 1992 and began serving New York-style pizza. Seator proved to be a great creative partner, helping Skorman establish Little Richard’s Toy Store, add a variety of gifts to the bookstore and open Rico’s Café & Wine Bar.


Poor Richard’s management and employees truly care about serving our community.

Skorman is a true community activist who has been involved in numerous local efforts.

In 1990, he founded the U.S. Environmental Film Festival—the first of its kind in the nation.

He was a founding member of Citizens Project, a nonprofit organization that was formed in opposition to Colorado’s Amendment 2.

He spent several years working on behalf of a local ballot question to dedicate 0.1 percent of Colorado Springs sales taxes to trails, open space and parks. Trails and open space and equal rights for all city employees were keystones of Skorman’s accomplishments during his seven years on Colorado Springs City Council, including two years as vice mayor.

Skorman led the opposition to the city’s sale of Strawberry Fields open space.

At Poor Richard’s, we live our values!


Poor Richard’s Feed and Read of Colorado Springs, “Where Everyone is out to lunch” was our t-shirt from long ago.

Imagine our surprise when Mac donned this old relic on Season 11 Episode 4 of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia!

A lot has changed at Poor Richard’s since then.We’ve expanded to include a world class toy store, and a café & wine bar. Our tshirt has changed over the years as well.

We have created our latest t-shirt as a nod to our origins in the 1970s.